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Exploring the Symfony Universe

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Need information for your next big idea? Browse these tools, resources, and useful links for help in getting your Symfony work done.

♥ Symfony Links ♥

Symfony Blog

Get the latest official news from the source.

Symfony Docs

Search and view the official documentation.

Symfony Book

Read or buy the official Symfony 5 book.

Symfony Recipes

Browse Symfony's recipes and put them to work.

Symfony GitHub

See the official Symfony code on GitHub.

Symfony Projects

Who's using Symfony Components.

Symfony Slack

Chat with with your peers.

Symfony Discussions

Symfony specific Questions & Answers.

Symfony Backers

Please thank and support these Backers.

♥ Symfony Tools and Resources ♥


SymfonyCasts has the best PHP and Symfony tutorials. It's the official way to learn Symfony plus much more.


With SymfonyCloud  describe your infrastructure, deploy continuously, and synchronize your app.


Twig is the fast, secure, flexible, and easy to use Modern PHP Templating Engine for your Symfony projects.


Deliver awesome, robust, reliable Symfony websites with Sulu Content Management System.

Bolt CMS

Bolt features: Open source, Easy content creation, and Simple development.


As a DXP, Drupal is ready to stand as the hub of your digital presence.

API Platform

API Platform lets you create REST and GraphQL APIs.

♥ Other ♥


PHP[Architect] provides professional development for PHP developers. They publish books, a magazine, podcasts, events, and much more.

Tailwind CSS

TailwindCSS is a utility-first CSS framework packed with classes like flex, text-center, and rotate-90 that compose to build any design, directly in your markup.

PHP Sandbox

PHPSandbox is an online development environment for PHP. Quickly prototype or share PHP Projects, without setting up a local environment.


Millions of developers build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub.

Docker Desktop

Docker Desktop is the way to containerize applications on your desktop.


Stimulus is a modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have.


Alpine is a tool for composing interactivity in your markup.

PhpStorm T & T

Quick tips and tricks for improving your productivity.


PhpStorm is a PHP focused IDE from the team at JetBrains.

Modern PHP Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet for PHP you will encounter in modern projects and most new sample code.

PHP Exceptions Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet that presents errors and exceptions as hierarchical trees and as tables.

PHP Release Radar

A useful YouTube channel covering the latest releases of popular PHP tools and more.

50 drops of PHP Book

50 drops of PHP is a free open-source e-book. It collects 50 useful, unknown, and underrated PHP functions.

Modern PHP Cheat Sheet #2

A to-the-point summary of all awesome PHP features. It focuses on the new ones in PHP 8.1 in particular.

♥+$ Affiliate  $+♥

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We have used MailChimp for ourselves and our clients for years. It is a fantastic newsletter service that has evolved into a marketing platform we highly recommend. If you sign up via this link we will receive a $30 credit toward our MailChimp services.

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